measure your influence in social media


So far in this blog we have looked at connecting with your customers, mistakes to avoid, using social media to enhance your email lists and managing a digital crisis. But how do you know that the efforts you are applying are actually being seen and your targeted impact is being achieved? Klout. A social media analytic that measures your influence across social media platforms. Klout provides insight to how and where your social media efforts are reaching and who they are influencing. It provides an overview of where you are gaining the most interest and what posts are favoured.

The following article found on the Digital Marketing Google+ forum takes us through tips to increase your ‘Klout score’ or social media influence. Since my target audience is digital marketing for sustainable transport it is important for me to become influential in that area. Creating information that is not relevant will not get the desired results and have a very limited impact.

Following these simple steps will help to increase your influence and keep your social media focus in line with your goals:

  • Grow your network. Build a targeted network of people that will be truly interested in what you have to say.
  • Create meaningful content. Make sure your content is worthwhile and worth your audiences time.
  • Capture your audience. Create content that engages and encourages the audience to interact.
  • Connect. Don’t just interact with high Klout scores interact with those lower scorers as well. This give you the opportunity to become more or an influencer.

It is widely debated whether a Klout score really matters however in my opinion if you are reaching your targeting audience and being acknowledged for it then it gives you a good indication of where to continue your focus and where new directions can be taken. For reference a score over 30 is considered reputable and a score over 50 is considered elite.

The following slideshow and articles expand on ways to improve your Klout score and social media influence:


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